Concerns over bridge safety

EXTON and nearby residents are concerned a child could fall under a new bridge railing and into the Meander River, despite an extra ,000 in council funding to improve the safety.
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“It doesn’t seem to be safe for pedestrians or small children,” Liz Walker, of Elizabeth Town, said.

“There are gaps beneath the rail (that a child could fall through) and the height of the rail will be at a level that people could fall over it.”

Porter’s Bridge Road, at Exton, sits about six metres above the Meander River.

Last month, the bridge was supposedly made safer by the Meander Valley Council under its 2012-13 capital works program.

Residents have expressed concerns that the bridge is more dangerous than before because there is a large gap beneath the new railing.

The council decided at its meeting this month that it would give an extra ,000 to the project.

Council infrastructure service director Ted Ross said the council was looking at painting a line on the bridge to identify where it was safe for people to walk.

The council will also increase the height of the rail from 700 millimetres to one metre on the upstream side.

Carl Porter, of Porter’s Bridge Road, said it was nice of the council to paint a line to let people know where they should be walking.

“But a marked line doesn’t necessarily keep a child in check,” he said.The residents will call on the council to install a higher hand rail on both sides of the bridge and to put mesh or a grille between the railing and the road so people can’t fall through.

Pip Neat, Emma Porter, holding three-month-old Spencer Porter, Matilda Neat, 3, and Meisha Porter, 4, all of Exton, with Liz Walker, of Elizabeth Town.