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The Adventures of captain underpants, reviewed by Adam Wylie Y5
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There were two boys, George Beard and Harold Hutchins. They went to Jerome Horwitz elementary school. They got a ring to hypnotized their teacher and turned him in to a super hero named captain underpants but he is not always captain underpants when you tip water on his head he turns normal and when you click your fingers he turns into a hero. He fights two robots, two robbers and he gets trapped in a warehouse. He had to blow up a laser matic 2000 and had to fight a bad guy and then he saved the world.

I think this book is for 5 to 12 year olds. All kids must read it.

I give this book a 9/10

The Secret Garden by Francess Hodgson Burnett, reviewed by Clare Ogden Year 6

The Secret Garden is about a 9 year old girl called Mary. Mary was born into a rich family. Suddenly she finds herself living with a relative she knows nothing about when her parents and servants die of cholera. At Missethwaite Manor she uncovers many mysteries and makes lots of new friends.

I really love this book. I would recommend it to girls aged 10-12 because there are lots of hard words to read and many old fashioned ones as well.

Horrible Histories Scotland, reviewed by Connor MacLennan Year 6

The book I really like is Horrible Histories Scotland. The author is Terry Deary and it was illustrated by Martin Brown.

Horrible Histories Scotland is all about Scotland in the really olden days. Horrible Histories Scotland is the best because it’s funny, has funny pictures and it has funny characters, like the one on the front of the book. It’s cool and it’s one of the best books ever.

Horrible Histories Scotland should be for children that are 10 or 11 years old and over. Horrible Histories Scotland is the best book ever from Terry Dearys books and it’s really Scottish.

Grub Town Tales: The Year that Rained Cows, reviewed by Kelsey Sealby Year 6

This is a book for boys and girls from 8 to 15 years old. It is an amazing book about a town that is different to other towns. It’s so different it’s not even on the maps. The book is about a year that rained cows and everyone was so confused about it because it had never happened before. The residents are Jilly Cheeter, the girl who was once a duck! Then there is Mango Claptrap, who is a short boy who wears short shorts in any weather. Then there is Manual Org, who is a smoothly skinned fellow. There is also Kumquat Grabby Hanson who is the chief of police. Now my favourite character in Grub Town is Flabby Gomez. He is the mayor of Grub town. He is a very big guy and he is only the mayor for one reason; because his father won Grub Town in a raffle and passed the job down to him. As a result, he is not a real good mayor, but he is pretty funny. The author of the book is Philip Ardagh and it was illustrated by Jim Paillot. If you ever get Grub Town books I know you will love them, just like me!

Clean break, reviewed by Mandy Soo, Year 6

The book Clean Break by Jacqueline Wilson is about a family whose parents split up. With Em (short for Emily) telling the story, it starts off with a magical Christmas. But when Em overhears her Dad talking on the phone, she realises that her Dad (stepdad) is leaving. The whole family are upset but Dad still refuses to stay. Dad plans to take the kids (Maxie, Vita and Em) out on New Year’s Day but brings along his girlfriend Sarah too. Later in the book, Em gets to meet her favourite author Jenna William which is one of her dreams come true. Can her other greatest wish come true? Find out by reading clean break now!

Jacqueline Wilson is a great author who writes awesome books. Clean break is definitely one of her bests. I would recommend the book to children eleven to fourteen or to anyone who wants a little tingle in their heart.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth, reviewed by Sarah Young

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: the ugly truth is about a boy in middle school who has a wimpy and annoying life. He writes a diary about it and draws comics to match. He ends up doing weird and pathetic things that make his life more wimpy and annoying. All of the endings to these books leave you hanging for more.

I recommend this book for people who are around the ages of 9-14, or for people who just want a laugh in their life.

This book had an awesome ending but not the kind you would normally have. It had a different ending to make you want to read more diary of a wimpy kid books. Hey it worked for me.

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