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The Truth Cookie, reviewed by Veronica Theiss, year 5
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Lulu’s dad has a new love and her name is Varaminta Le Bone but she is very mean.

Lulu finds a recipe book and decided to make a truth Cookie but she needs some weird ingredients to make it.

Will Lulu make her dad see who Varaminta really is?

The Truth Cookie is a great chapter book and keeps you wanting to read and get more of her books, I know I want to read more . . .

The main characters in the book are Lulu (Louisa) a nice girl, Frenchy (Amanda) who is very sneaky and smart, Lulu’s Dad who’s never at home, Varaminta who is mean and evil and Torquil who is the best at pranks.

My favourite part is near the end of the book because Torquil was telling all Varaminta’s secrets and got in the news, the ham-on-rye weekly.

This book is the perfect book for girls from eight years old and up.

This book is by Fiona Dunbar and her next book is The Cupid Cakes.

I rate it ten out of ten because it is a book that you don’t want to stop reading and it is very exciting.

Captain Underpants, reviewed by James Prichard, year 5

Captain Underpants is an action-packed comedy book with some gross action and it has eight chapter books in the series.

The characters are two funny children called George and Harold and of course their hero, Captain Underpants. The first Captain Underpants was funny, great and awesome so that encouraged me to read the whole collection. My rating on this book is 10/10. I recommend this book for boys and girls. It is a book that will leave you laughing harder than ever, not only that the books are fantastic. It’s also got colourful illustrations. I like Captain Underpants because every day there is evil in the street he saves the day with his friends George and Harold.

The Loser List, reviewed by James Hazzard, year 5

This book is a cool interesting book. It is about two boys named Danny and Jasper who have to get off a thing called The Loser List in the girls’ toilet. There is also a bully named Axl he is a pain to everyone. I think this book is appropriate for ages 5-7. I recommend this book PG. I like this book because there are a lot of drawings. I rate this book 8/10. I rated it like that because it is a bit weird at the beginning. It has a couple of strange scenes in it.

Holes, reviewed by Danielle Shaw, year 5.

Holes is a fictional story by Louis Sachar. The main characters are Stanley Yelnats, X-ray, Zero, Magnet, Squid and Armpit.

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