Penrith Show: Steve McEwan’s Reptile World

Steve McEwan’s Reptile World is an informative, entertaining and educational display featuring a
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variety of local lizards, pythons and venomous snakes.

Hear from Steve how best to avoid snake bite and see the first aid demonstration, as well as seeing

some of the world’s most venomous snakes in complete safety.

Take the opportunity to pat some of the lizards or a python before each exciting show starts and learn about Australia’s unique reptiles.

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The Voice of Penrith Show

Carol Heuchan is a lady of many hats.
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She was a professional horsewoman for most of her life, training riders and show horses and competing successfully in thirty four Royal Easter Shows. She is also a highly qualified

National Judge and has judged internationally.

In 2003 her first book was published and led her to the world of Bush Poetry which she took by

storm, amassing a swag of awards. Twice Australian Champion and seven times Laureate award

winner, four hot selling books and three CD’s and the winner of the richest prize in poetry

history (a thirty four thousand dollar tractor!), Carol is in great demand as an entertainer, writer, guest

speaker, judge of horses and poetry, compere and announcer.

She has been on the winning team in the World Poetry Debate and has been a part of numerous

Australia wide radio programs. In 2010, she featured in an ABC television series “Bush Slam” and then

did a twenty four concert tour of the United States. She is booked for the U.S. and Canada next year.

Carol brought a ‘breath of fresh air’ to the Royal Easter Show for the past three year’s where she has

been the main arena commentator.

Her long association and passion for Agricultural shows (even serving on the committee for this very

show over forty years ago) and her talent at the microphone will make this show worth listening to!

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Penrith Show: Working Dog Demonstration

The Working Dog Demonstration has always been popular at the Penrith Show.
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Stock dogs are used on farms for all types of stock handling including working cattle, sheep, goats and even poultry.

There are many different breeds of dogs used to handle stock but the most prominent being Collies or Kelpies.

For the demonstration at the show short haired Collies based on New Zealand blood lines are used for their ability to work rather than their type or colour.

During the demonstration you will see a brief demonstration of the dogs natural instinct and how these instincts are modified in order to train the dog to handle stock. Part of the demonstration will be to try and work some ducks around various obstacles.

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Penrith Show: Bargo Blacksmith Ray Lincoln

At this year’s Penrith District Show we are again privileged to have Ray Lincoln, a fourth generation blacksmith in Australia, entertaining the public with his blacksmithing talents.
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Mr Lincoln has been working with hot coals and glowing red iron since he was 14 years of age at his father’s Bankstown shop in 1942.

He is somewhat of a celebrity blacksmith, delighting people young and old with his humourous yet educational routine at the various country shows in New South Wales.

He has been a regular face at the Sydney Royal where he has become a popular attraction after exhibiting in the Carlton Clydesdale Horse stables for the past 44 years.

Come and visit Ray as he demonstrates his trade throughout the Show and toils over a coal fire and anvil with his tools with steelwork.

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Penrith Show: Schools Agricultural Competition

Glossy steers, manicured sheep and crowing roosters form the backdrop for the 19th year of the Cumberland Plains, Agricultural Schools Competition at the Penrith Show. Students from fifteen schools pit their skills against each other in activities encompassing Educational displays, livestock parading and the Rural Olympics.
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This successful completion is made possible through the sponsorship of the Penrith District A.H & I Society, Castlereagh Feeds and Emu Plains Correctional Services.

The competition starts in March with the Emu Plains Correctional Services Dairy providing each school with an unweaned bull calf or a heifer. Through regular hand feeding, students develop a strong rapport as they gentle and train the calf to lead. The transition to solid feed is facilitated by the generous donation of calf pellets from Castlereagh Feeds. The culmination commences at day break on Saturday at the wash bay, with the final primping and polishing before sauntering around under the watchful gaze of the Judge.

Educational Displays are another significant element of the Show experience. This year, the Corrective Services Industry provided a large banner to each school to make it easier for the visitors to identify their local school. Each school must showcase their design skills and knowledge of issues for a chosen agricultural enterprise like the banana or sheep industry, with spokes people to answer the probing questions from the four judges.

Vegetables, poultry, sheep, alpacas, jams and bees form part of the tapestry of the experiences of this section with schools vying for points to claim the trophies and ribbons provided by the Penrith District Show Society.

On Sunday, the Cattle Pavilion becomes a hive of activity where teams of four students compete in the Rural Olympics. The students are judged on their skills in stacking and securing a load of hay, building a wire fence, constructing an electric fence, drenching and handling sheep in a yard and calculating and applying chemicals safely. Concurrently, individuals compete in the poultry judging competition with the aim of qualifying for judging at the Royal Easter Show.

As the weekend draws to a close, new friendships have been forged, ribbons and trophies have been proudly displayed in recognition of outstanding achievements and plans for next year are underway. This unique learning experience is only possible through the generous support of the judges who volunteer their time and the faithful sponsors, school communities and the Penrith A.H & I Society who provide logistical and financial support.

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Penrith Show: Click go the Shears

Click go the shears boys, click,click, click… the words of a popular Australian ballad will again come into action with sheep shearing demonstrations at this year’s Penrith District Show.
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Former World Sheep Shearing Champion Don Campbell has passed away but has left many fond memories for those who have watched him entertain and shear over the past 40 years.

His legacy has been handed down to Tom and Troy Gruver. Tom is almost 20 years of age and had worked with Don for over five years, whilst his brother Troy who is 18 had worked with Don for 3 years. Don was a big inspiration to the boys and had taught them everything they know.

The boys had assisted Don at all the local shows and even home visits to properties where there were sheep and alpacas that needed shearing.

We love shearing, Tom said, “Don was a great teacher and we will follow in his footsteps by doing what he loved doing, the knowledge he taught us has enabled us to continue to walk in his shoes.”

The Penrith District Show Committee extend their continued best wishes to Don’s wife and Family for the years of pleasure Don gave to the people at the Penrith District Show!

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“GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS” is a heart thumping, hoof stomping adrenaline rush on horseback. From the moment they hit the arena, audiences are left spellbound as the Girls take flight off galloping horses, performing amazing tricks, then whip-cracking and dancing their way through 15 minutes of pure fun and edge-of-your-seat excitement!!
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The show consists of trick riding and amazing extreme stunt riding. Christy Connor heads up the GGG team as they perform a trick riding show as you have never seen it before. The girls will use the track – which keeps them close to the audience. They vault, suicide drag and literally turn themselves inside out – all on a galloping horse!!

The Girls are fit, athletic and they make even the most dangerous of tricks look elegant and effortless. It’s not as easy as it looks – hours and hours of training of both Girls and horses go into making the show.

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Penrith Show:Hotpot and Aunty Judy

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Co-sponsored by Contours & Jusr For You Creations

Those crazy but loveable clowns – Hotpot and Aunty Judy – will again be appearing at this years Penrith District Show, thanks to the generosity of Curves.

Hotpot and Aunty Judy have entertained at may of the major shows in NSW including Campbelltown, Penrith and Hawkesbury Shows, and are always a great hit with the youngsters and their parents.

During the lively 35-minute shows, they perform magic, juggle, sing silly songs, have fun with balloon animals, do a touch of face painting and generally have a great time clowning around.

Their love of children shows in the special rapport they have with the young audiences and parents and grandparents love to see happiness on the faces of the children.

Audience participation and lots of give-aways are special features of their show with Hotpot and Aunty Judy personally greeting each child after each show.

Saturday: Noon

Sunday: Noon

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Penrith Show:Fmx Kaos team

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FMX Kaos is the first original and fastest growing freestyle motocross team in Australia. The team has performed over 800 shows around OZ and overseas. Over the past 10 years the team has constantly pushed the limits to bring the spectators the craziest tricks possible. The Kaos crew pride themselves on being the innovators and always bring something new to the show. This year is no different, with several of the Crusty Demon rider’s joining the Fmx Kaos team. As a team we have some of the most professional and experienced riders in Australia, such as Matt Schubring, Steve Mini, Leigh Harriman, Rob Adelberg and Luke Saunders, some of the team riders of late. The Motul oils Fmx Kaos freestyle team provide one crazy entertaining show not to be missed. Turn up at a Kaos show and you get to see the boy’s bust some huge tricks like, the Heart attack, Jackhammer, Rocksolid, Dead body or even a BACKFLIP, just to name a few tricks on there 250cc dirt bikes. Get to support the Australian freestyle team also get some clothing apparel, DVD, stickers an autogragh or even a photo with the team members. Fmx Kaos are very excited about performing at Blacktown show, so make sure you visit the show and catch up with Matt Shubring and leigh Harriman, grab an autogragh or a picture taken with the crazy boys of Fmx Kaos.


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Penrith Show: Animal Farm Nursery

A popular spot at the Penrith Show with the young and the young at heart is the Animal Farm Nursery.
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Rhonda Hall, the principal of All Animals – Animal Farm Nursery, is again organising this year’s display.

Rhonda will have many new animals at the show as well as the old favourites.

With over 20 years experience, Rhonda said her main aim is to let children relate to animals in the most positive way. It also gives children a chance to groom, feed and care for a great variety of animals, teaching them respect for all creatures and minimises the chance of accidents, Rhonda said.

Finally we try to leave them with wonderful memories that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Be sure to visit All Animals – Animal Farm Nursery at this year’s Show is Sponsored by Panthers World of Entertainment.

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