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Pete the sheep, reviewed by Yalda Nawaz, Class 4W
Nanjing Night Net

This picture book is about Pete the sheep by Jackie French. It is illustrated by Bruce Whatley. In the story, a man called Shaun owns a sheep-sheep, instead of a sheep-dog! But three other shearers, Ratso, Big Bob and Bungo, are jealous because they are saying that he should have a sheepdog just like them.

Shaun starts up a hair dressing salon for shearing sheep and there are lots of woolly hair designs for the sheep to choose from. The sheep customers are happy about their haircuts and soon all the sheep are talking about Shaun and Pete’s salon. Even the sheepdogs get weird haircuts!

It is a very funny story and is for Years 3 and 4 students doing the Premier’s Reading Challenge. Remember to read this book next time you need a haircut and can’t decide what style you could get.

My dearest dinosaur, reviewed by Minh Nguyen, Class 4W

“My dearest dinosaur”, by Margaret Wild and Donna Rawlins, is a great picture book! I liked it and I read it a lot. It’s a book that reminds you to stay with your parents and always to do what they say.

Seven dinosaur eggs hatch. At night time, the little ones have to stay with their mother, but the one she calls The Cheeky One is very naughty and is not scared of anything, even large, carnivorous dinosaurs.

This colourful book is for Years 3 and 4 students doing the Premier’s Reading Challenge. Uh oh! My teacher is calling me. I think you should read the rest of the book for yourself. It’s fun!

“At the beach: postcards from Crabby Spit” reviewed by Anna Kuvyatkina, Class 4/5E

“At the beach” is a children’s picture book written and illustrated by Roland Harvey. It is about Penny and her family writing letters and postcards to their grandma about their vacation to Crabby Spit. They have lots of adventures, which are always funny and interesting.

The special thing about the book is the way the illustrator has drawn the pictures. They will remind people of a “Where’s Wally” book, with lots of tiny details that you have to locate while you are reading.

This book has been a shortlisted book in the Children’s Book Council Awards and is a Premier’s Reading Challenge book. Over the years, I have read it many times and it has become one of my favourites. I am sure you will love it, too!

“DragonQuest” reviewed by Ngoc Le, Class 4/5E

“DragonQuest” is a heroic book full of adventures for students in Years 3-6. It has awesome graphics by Wayne Harris and is written by Allan Baillie. It is a picture book that is full of mystery and excitement.

Will the characters ever find the last dragon on earth? What will they have to put up with during their quest?

“DragonQuest” is a Premier’s Reading Challenge book for Stage 2 students. The illustrator has a weird, yet beautiful, way of drawing dragons! The dragon in the story is green in colour, and has white on the top of its head and spikes all around its body. If you want to know what else happens next in this story, please hurry and read it!

“Leaf” reviewed by Thalan Cowlishaw, Class 4/5E

Today I am writing this book review to tell you about “Leaf” by Stephen Michael King. It is written and illustrated by the same person!

“Leaf” is a book about a child who sees that his mother is about to cut his messy hair, so he runs and jumps into a bush to hide. But… a bird is in there, carrying a seed, which drops on the boy’s head and – yes! – a little TREE starts to grow in his hair.

What is weird is that this book has very few words, only sound effects.

The boy wants the tree on his head, but the mother doesn’t. Will the tree stay, or will it be destroyed? These questions and more are answered in this picture book. If you want the answers, go to your nearest bookshop or library and find out!

“A year on our farm” reviewed by Hasanga Malalasekara, Class 4W

This is a best-selling picture book by Penny Matthews and Andrew McLean. It is interesting how the author describes the family, who is telling us about the four seasons on their farm, and how the farm is affected by each season.

It’s summer time on the farm and it’s getting hotter, so the animals get together under cover for shade. It is autumn and the family is planting cabbages and carrots. It is winter time, and it is cold, wet and windy. Mum plants baby trees to make windbreaks. Yay! It’s spring again – and everything is back to normal.

This is a book about life cycles and is great for children from 3 to 12 years old. It is a fiction book that also contains factual information about farms and the seasons. It is an awesome book to read over and over, or to share with family and friends.

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