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Just Stupid Book Report
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Just Stupid is a book by Andy Griffiths and is illustrated by Terry Denton. It consists of nine stories which are just stupid. There are five books in the series. On Just Stupid, my personal opinion is that I would appreciate more stories. Andy Griffiths has an amazing imagination and a wicked sense of humour. The illustrations add to the stories with truly funny cartoon-like sketches.

My favourite story has to be EXPEL ME! It’s when Andy (the child in all of the stories) wants to get expelled just after he came back from holidays and he persuades his best friend Danny to get expelled with him. It’s great and I think it’s the best story out of all of the stories in the series.

All round I know this might not be everyone’s piece of cake but I could recommend it for anyone who enjoys a laugh.

By Aman Singh


Roald Dahl

Matilda is the story of a girl who is five but she is as smart as an adult, maybe smarter. Matilda has evil parents and a super dooper mean principal. Her only friend is her new teacher Miss Honey.

When she discovers her new powers she is able to provide a happy new life for herself and Miss Honey.

I like the book because Matilda has magical powers and I wish I had Matilda’s powers. I would love to be able to spell and do math like Matilda.

Thank you Roald Dahl for creating this story.

Rose Tassone

Year 2

Matilda book review

I have been reading ‘Matilda’ by Roald Dahl. I have not read all of it yet and I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

Matilda’s parent’s, Mr and Mrs Wormwood are very mean to Matilda and leave her alone in the house! Matilda uses this time to go to the library where she reads the most amazing books. She has been dying to go to school and finally her mean, cranky father lets her start school. When she goes she finds some nice friends, Lavender is one of them. She finds out her principal, the Trunchbull is very mean. Luckily her teacher, Miss Honey is nice. I think Miss Honey’s name matches her personality. You would know straight away that she is a lovely person because when you think of honey you think of sweetness.

One lunch time, Matilda finds another friend, Hortencia. Just after Matilda met Hortencia the Trunchbull comes stomping out of the school building. “Amanda Thripp” she bellows. Ms Trunchbull didn’t allow pig tails but Amanda wore two lovely pig tails that hung down by her ears. “I don’t allow pig tails” screeched Ms Trunchbull as she grabbed her two pig tails. She swung Amanda round and round and threw her right over the school fence. Ms Trunchbull has a good name that matches her personality. You would know at the slight sound of her name she is a cruel person. Amanda stopped in a field bouncing as she landed.

That’s all I have read so far but as I said I am really enjoying it. I love all of Roald’s books because he uses a lot of imagination.

I also like how Roald makes the names match the personality. Such as Mr Wormwood. You can notice he is mean and cranky because when you think of worm you think of wormy, mean, cranky and things like that.

I enjoy reading the book and can’t wait to read more!

By Zahlie Vidler

Year 3

Narnia book review

This is a book review about the book I’ve read which is Narnia, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. It is a book of adventures. Narnia is a great book and there are lots of characters in the book, the main character being Lucy. In every Narnia book there is always an evil character and in this book the evil one is the Ice Queen.

So here it goes…. one stormy day Lucy and her friend’s went to play hide and go seek. Everyone hid from Sue, the oldest one there and this is where the adventure begins. Lucy went into a wardrobe and she was walking back so she was behind the coats but she kept on walking and tripped over and felt something fuzzy she thought it was a coat but it wasn’t it was moss. Lucy got up and started walking again and she felt snow and then Lucy walked threw an ice cave and made it to a new world called Narnia.

The reason why I like this book is because there are a lot of adventures in it and lots of chapters so you want to read more and more because it’s so easy to stay interested. The book is a fantastic book and it is very creative. You will love it.

By Riley Stevens

Year 3

Rock Idol

This book is about a little girl called Sarah. A big music company comes to her school and she thinks she can win a singing contract with her own song. At school she was practicing with her friends and Sarah wasn’t quite sure if she could win but she was never going to give up. Her friends were a big help. Sarah kept thinking in her head “I can’t do it without them”.

I reason why I like this story is because it shows never to give up and hopefully your dreams will come true. It shows that if you try as hard as you can and you believe in yourself you can accomplish whatever you want. Another important message in the story is to never ditch your friends, even though they will hopefully come back, it’s still not nice to ditch them.

Rhiannon Paget

Year 3

Silver Dolphins

By Summer Waters

Antonia is a girl and she wears a dolphin charm bracelet around her wrist. Another dolphin called ‘Spirit’ calls her. The charm bracelet moves around and shakes. When Antonia touches water and her charm bracelet is shaking, she becomes a silver dolphin. Then, when she touches land she turns back to her normal self. Antonia goes on missions to help save animals. Now she has to save a choking bird from a cliff. She climbs up the cliff, she gets the bird and holds it between her knees. The bird has a plastic top of a yoghurt pot around its neck. The bird was having lots of trouble breathing. Will Antonia save the bird in time before it’s too late?

If I had to give this book a rating out of five, I would give it a five out of five.

I recommend this book to girls between the ages of seven and fourteen because some of the words are hard to say. I think that girls over fourteen might get bored with this book.

I love this book, I think it is fantastic.

Jessica Watkins

Year 3

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