Racing start to Gifford Hill

Murray Bridge Racing Club president Reg Nolan said the club was considering installing a high-quality temporary function centre at the Gifford Hill racecourse but no decision had yet been made.
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“That would fast track our move and assist us in getting out there quicker,” Mr Nolan said.

He said at this stage the club and its joint-venture partner Burke Urban hoped to see horses racing at Gifford Hill within the next 12 to 18 months.

Burke Urban managing direction Kym Burke said the decision on a temporary function centre was a matter for the Murray Bridge Racing Club, however, he believed it would be a high quality facility that could allow the joint venture to focus on projects that would allow for racing to begin.

He said facilities like jockeys rooms, stewards offices and room for bookies were prerequisites for racing and a temporary structure would free up funds for their completion.

Mr Burke said the joint venture had so far invested about $17 million into the racecourse project and the company was now investigating ways to complete the build without resorting to a reliance on finance from banks.

According to Mr Burke, the sooner racing began at Gifford Hill, the sooner improvements to the Murray Bridge Golf Course ,near the old racecourse could begin.

He said this would create income at the new track, while also allowing a planned housing development near the golf course to begin, which would in turn create more capital for the completion of the racecourse at Gifford Hill.

Early move for Gifford Hill if function centre gets go-ahead