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Reviewed by Badi Ahmed

Then is a story about a Polish boy named Felix who is on the hunt to find a better life, find new parents and live in peace.

But Felix is trapped in a Nazi train on his way to a death camp while accompanied by a young girl named Zelda.

Then is a heart touching book based on the outcomes of World War II, the second fabulous book based on Felix and Zelda; in some sequences it is so heart touching I felt like crying but otherwise it is packed with suspense and excitement and also adds in great humour while dealing with such a serious and emotional issue.

The book is written by Morris Gleitzman who has continued it on from Once, the first book in the series. The greatest thing about it is that it doesn’t matter if you start from Once or Then the series is not spoiled.

I think Then is a perfect children’s book, especially for children between the ages of 10 and 12. I would rate it 5/5 and recommend it to anyone.

Just Tricking!, reviewed by Jordan Banks

Just Tricking! is the first book in the popular Just! series.

Andy Griffiths is an Australian humorous author whose 10 stories in Just Tricking! will leave your child laughing so hard that soda will come out of their noses.

Terry Denton’s world renowned illustrations, which are a little eccentric, match the 10 tricky stories in Just Tricking! perfectly.

I personally think it is a wonderful collection of stories from Andy Griffiths and is a good book to help children learn to read more competently with some gross and humorous bonuses.

In summary it is a brilliant book that is aimed at children 8-12 it is risque in all its content. It has also won six Australian Children’s Choice Awards so even the public has seen the excellence of the book.

Big Nate Goes for Broke, reviewed by Mitchell Fogg

Big Nate Goes for Broke was published by author and illustrator Lincoln Pierce on March 20, 2012.

Big Nate Goes for Broke is about two schools … PS38 and Jefferson Middle School. Now they are not ordinary schools, they’re arch rivals.

PS38 always loses to Jefferson. PS38 has not won against Jefferson for fifty years.

There is a twist to this book. PS38 has been closed and all the kids are happy there is no school. But their principal tells them they have to go to Jefferson for the rest of the year. The PS38 students are shocked to see Jefferson has a food court and more. Will PS38 beat Jefferson for once and all? Find out with Nate and his friends.

It is a really funny book and I would recommend it to anybody.

The appropriate age for this book would probably be nine to thirteen. I would give it a nine out of ten.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The Ugly Truth, reviewed by Madeline McDonough.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The Ugly Truth is one of seven books in the series. It is the fifth book in the series and is written and published by Jeff Kinney. The main character in the story is Greg along with his family Manny, Rodrick, his Mum and Dan and his friend Rowley Jefferson.

I recommend this book tot ages 11-13 because it is a funny and enjoyable book to read with lots of exciting events. Some children under the age of 11 can find it difficult to read this book that’s why I recommend it to children age 11 and higher.

Before school finished Greg had a big fight with his best friend Rowley. And it had been four weeks since the fight and Rowley and Greg were still not talking so Rowley’s parents decide to hire a play mate for Rowley named cool Brian.

So that means Greg doesn’t have a friend to hang with so he tries to become popular in various way but most of them backfire. And to make things worse Greg has to attend his uncle’s fourth wedding and that means he has to have a talk with his great grandmother Gammie.

For the next couple of weeks life was tough for Greg but the day had come he walks into the room so Gammie could give Greg the talk. It was about the scary stuff and the changes that happen as you step into adulthood and for him just to enjoy his childhood while he can.

Pyro Watson and the Hidden Treasures, reviewed by Jarrod Burgess

Pyro Watson and the Hidden Treasures is a well-renowned story with its ups and downs to make the story interesting. The author Nette Hilton has made this story one of a kind. With the illustrations of Gregory Rogers, it has many wonderful pieces of art.

The main character Pyro Watson loves pirates, literally adores them. He hates his family so much he can’t even be bothered to go on a family trip with them so instead he went to the beach with his Aunty Mor and Uncle Stig to get away from his atrocious family.

On the way instead of Pyro being in a van going up the road he used his imagination and now is a blood thirsty pirate sailing on the ocean to pass time. And with the help of his Aunty Mor and his Uncle Stig you will see the weird life of Pyro Watson.

There are many different characters in the story making up this book how it is, like the crazed Aunty Mor and the scared yet clumsy Uncle Stig and some less important characters like Pyro’s terrifying sister and his horrific little brother.

In summary this book has been written to an expert level having its ups and downs. It has many good features to make it an awesome book to read because of all the twists and mysteries that occur.

Many kids between the ages of 9 and 13 would enjoy this book.

Meet the Freaks Collection, reviewed by Layla Kennedy, 6J

Meet the Freaks Collection was published in 2008 and the author and illustrator are Knife and Packer.

Meet the Freaks Collection, is a pretty funny book and it has cool characters. You can meet the Aliensons, Zombiesons, Humansons and the Wizardsons.

The Aliensons are a crazy but fun-filled family but when they get into trouble they have to solve it. They have a one-eyed dog and they are all purple and they all have one eye.

The Zombiesons are the most spooky and most open-minded family in town, They have a persistently glow of green on their bodies with no top part of their heads. They have a mean, cherry, hot, red plant that has a gigantic mouth.

The Humansons are a lot like you and me only a lot more stupid. The Humansons are really lazy and they forget everything. These people are not so ordinary because they have a missive slug. When they clean they pretty much leave the house the same way that it as before they started.

The Wizardsons have lots of magical powers and they have a cherry red dragon and it blows not a little bit of fire, but lots. The Wizardsons use their magic lots and the kids are always turning each other into stuff like frogs.

This is pretty funny and I recommend it for ages of eight to 14. I rate this book 10/10 because it is very funny, cool and adventurous.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, reviewed by Emily Diamond, age 9.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is a great book. It has lots of mystery and excitement. I think that J.K. Rowlings is a genius and she is full of imagination. The book is about a normal 11-year-old boy who discovers he is a wizard. He meets wonderful people. The world is magical and fantastic. The book was amazingly cool and interesting. I think that Lord Voldermort is really cool but very scary. Harry himself is unique and special, being a wizard makes him even more special. Ronald Weasley is a weird but cool character, he has red hair. Hermoine is very smart and pretty, she carries her books everywhere she goes. I think there a lot of other children would love it, I also think adults would enjoy it as well. This book is much better than all the others.

Tashi and the Demons reviewed by Ashley Greening, age 9.

Tashi and the Demons is about a nice little troll that a boy finds in his garden and he doesn’t want his mum and dad to find, so he hides him in a bush.

One day his dad replants the garden and finds Tashi.

He said: ‘‘Who are you and what is your name?’’

‘‘Well, your son found me and didn’t want you to find out.’’

‘‘Where are you going to sleep?’’

‘‘Can I sleep in your house?’’

‘‘Well, I guess so, you will have to sleep on the couch tonight.’’

‘‘OK, that will be fine.’’

The next morning Tashi wasn’t there. they ran outside into the forest and Tashi was sitting there with his family. Dad said: ‘‘Well, Tashi, you have found your family now you can go back to your home and live happily ever after.’’‘‘

This is a wonderful book about a troll that children aged 7-11 will enjoy reading.

EMily Eye Finger, reviewed by Isabelle Fogg.

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