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Fantastic Mr Fox, Reviewed by Olivia Gorman, Year 3.
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Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl is one of the most hilarious books I have ever read. The main characters in this book are Mr and Mrs Fox, their four children and the three farmers named Boggis, Bunce and Bean.

In this story Mr Fox lives in a hole near the three. He needs lots of food to keep himself and his family alive, so he steals from the three farmers. He knows the way the wind blows, so he always manages to go the opposite way to the farmers. He steals apple cider, chickens and goose livers.

I enjoyed this book because of the funny things that Mr Fox did. I liked it also because Mr Fox was clever and he knew skills to trick the farmers. The illustrations by Quentin Blake help you to see what is happening.

I think 7 to 10 years old would be a suitable age group for this book. I score this book 9½ out of ten because Mr Fox gives the reader lots of action and excitement.

EJ12 Girl Hero, Rocky Road, Reviewed by Corrina Garbutt-Young, Year 4

Emma Jacks, EJ12, a non-regular 4th grade student, is also a secret agent for a super cool, super-secret agency called Shine. On one mission for Shine, EJ12 has to go to what she thinks is the best rock concert around. However, it’s not all about the music and the crowd, Shine thinks that Shadow (Shine’s long time enemy) might just be behind it. Join EJ12 on this adventure filled mission and help her overcome her fear of the stage.

I love this book because I have always enjoyed adventure, secret agents and music. I especially like girl secret agents, so EJ12 is perfect for me. The illustrations in this book are mostly codes that give clues to the story and they make the book more interesting.

I rate this book 9/10 because it has everything in it that I like to read about. I recommend this book for any girls in Years 3 to 5 who enjoy adventure.

Dear Dumb Diary, Reviewed by Sophia Kosztka, Year 5.

Dear Dumb Diary, written by Jim Benton, is about a girl named Jamie Kelly who never gets what she wants. Jamie wants money and everything you could think of that a popular girl needs to look good in front of everyone in her school. Jamie believes that the worst things in life are also free.

I enjoyed this story because it has some great dramatic scenes that would be normal for teenagers. I also love how it shows every detail of Jamie Kelly’s personality. She looks like your average teenager but she acts like a real adult. It is hilarious. I love how the unique illustrations showed the actions and emotions of all the characters.

I think that Dear Dumb Diary is suitable for ages 9 to 16 years old as younger children may find the words a little difficult. I rate this book 9½ out of 10 because it seems like it is based on real experiences of teenagers, but is lots of fun to read.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Reviewed by Justin McColl, Year 6.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid, by Jeff Kinney, is about two mates, Greg Heffley and Rowly Jefferson, who just get into middle school. Their friendship will be put to the test after a deadly chain of events is set off. This book is hilarious!

I really enjoy humorous stories and I’ve lost count of the number of times I have read this book. The black and white drawings add a lot of complexity to the story, so that when you are reading the book you can clearly picture what the boys are going through.

I rate this book as an outstanding 10/10. The illustrations are brilliant and once you have read this book you will want to read all the others in the series.

I lost my mobile at the mall, Reviewed by Melanie Preuss-Kearney, Year 6.

Earlier this year I read an amazing book called “I lost my mobile at the mall”. Wendy Harmer is the talented author of this book.

The main characters in this story are Ellie, Will, Bianca and Lily. Ellie loses her handbag at the mall while shopping with her best friend Bianca. In her handbag was her mobile phone, a special ring from her boyfriend Will and other important belongings. When the others find out she has lost her bag, her parents will be mad, Bianca will murder her because there was a photo of Bianca next to Hugh Jackman, and most of all Will be upset because the ring, which meant so much to Ellie, was the first piece of jewellery he ever bought a girl. Ellie is also annoyed with herself because her phone had a year’s worth of phone numbers and photos on. Then rumours start spreading that Will is going out with Lily in Year 12. How will it all end?

I loved this book because it was funny and detailed. It is a romantic novel with drama and comedy. This book has to be rated at 10/10 and I recommend it for people aged 10 to 80 years. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this romantic book and it will bring a smile to your face as you read it.

Shadow, by Michael Morpurgo, Reviewed by MarliesHopman, Year 6.

Recently I read a book called Shadow, written by Michael Morpurgo. It is about a mother and her son who are trying to escape from their country and get to Australia. Halfway through the book they find a dog called Shadow, a sniffer dog who helps them get out of their country.

I enjoyed this story because it is a tale of people helping others to escape and it is a true story. While this book does not have many illustrations, the ones it does have give the sense that you were there when it happened.

I think 12 to 16 years is the suitable age group for this book. I give this book 10/10 because it is a heart-warming story about a dog called Shadow and his adventures.

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