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Geoff Brown running to clean up Penrith Council
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Geoff Brown has decided to run as an Independent in North Ward in order to give locals a proper voice against over-development, protection of the environment and quality of life issues. He heads a team of active community members, true independents concerned about the future of Penrith. This team has drawn Group D in North Ward.

Geoff has led community fights against inappropriate development since 1996. He heads the Western Sydney Conservation Alliance. He has led election campaigns that extracted $22.5 million in Federal funding that was used to protect the 181 ha bushland site on Vincent Rd Cranebrook as a new Nature Reserve. As part of the ADI Residents Action Group he led the fight that scaled back the Jordan Springs development from 11000 houses to 5400 with 900 ha of bushland spared from Lend Leases bulldozers. He started the Werrington Community Festival in 1999 which is today a regular annual community event. Geoff ran an Independent group at the last Council election and narrowly missed election. Geoff in his spare time plays in a local rock band http://www.reverbnation南京夜网/gloryroadcoversband

‘‘We need to rid Council of those who want to turn Penrith into the next Parramatta.

‘‘Ratepayers need to utter the names of current councillors every time they sit stuck in Penrith’s ever increasing traffic congestion as the blame for Penrith urban sprawl and population growth largely rests with these so-called civic leaders.

I would also seek to rid Penrith Council of that big orange Penrith is here blob. We all know where we are. It is an atrocious marketing ploy using rate payer’s funds simply to promote the aims of the Penrith Business Alliance. This is indicative of how developers and business interests have captured this Council. They ditched the old rivers, mountains and lakes logo, which emphasised Penrith’s natural attributes, simply to boost the profits of their business owner mates.

I would also be seeking to review the Penrith Business Alliance which is largely subsidised by Penrith ratepayers. The Business Alliance states in its charter seeks to remove Council red tape which appears incompatible with transparent governance and the role of Councillors, who one would assume, are elected to represent ratepayers not businesses and corporations. Business owners not Ratepayers should fund their own promotion schemes.

Anyone seeking to support Geoff Brown and his team in the election can contact Geoff on 0431 222602 or visit http://www.wsca南京夜网.au/electgeoff.htm

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