Velvet City has arrived

Global domination may be the ultimate goal but for now Melbourne-based muso Craig Heath is happy to settle winning over Australian audiences with his new project Velvet City.
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Released only a matter of weeks ago, the band’s debut EP, New World Order Part 1, is already creating a stir.

”Feedback is amazing,” said Heath. ”We have 400 twitter fans weekly adding themselves to our account. A lot of our fans are in Europe. There’s a lot of energised souls that are ready for this and pumped.”

The EPs lead single, Break Me Out, serves as a perfect introduction to Heath’s musical vision.

It is a highly addictive track, falling into the melodic rock category.

”I grew up on everything … Metallica, Abba … I grew up on heavy undertones with very melodic melodies, a lot of backing vocals and a lot of harmonies,” said Heath.

”I like direction in a song and I like to take people somewhere.”

Lyrically, the track serves as a call to arms for the oppressed.

”It’s really about ripping your chest open and breaking out of yourself,” Heath said. ”You can get rid of your own fears, your own anxieties … it’s about really having a crack.

”Maybe the other side of the coin is you’re sitting at a desk job and really not enjoying what you’re doing and just smashing the computer and breaking out the window … literally breaking out of the building to start doing something what you really should be doing in life.”

The remaining four tracks on the EP have equal lashings of commercial appeal.

My Mistake, the ballad of the release, is a real gem.

”For me, as a writing song, it ticks all of the boxes,” Heath said. ”Strong verse, strong pre-chorus and chorus, everything feels right there. That’s the classic, getting your heart broken story. You’re getting your heart ripped in half, you’re in an evil relationship, where you think it’s good but it’s really not good for you and you really need to stand back and have a look at the picture to see what’s going on.”

Health says he formed Velvet City after spending years of working as a solo artist.

It also follows numerous setbacks, including a string of broken promises from within the industry, a frustrating management break-down, and a near record deal.

But rather than be put off, Heath said he turned negative energy into a positive source for musical creation.

”I didn’t go down to the local pub and talk to the other guy about what went wrong, I picked myself up, dusted myself off, got back on the horse and I wrote and wrote and wrote and got back into work,” he said.

”I went the Aussie mentality and went the hard work mode. I had to put that aside – it still hurts and it still rings today – this industry is very fake and it promises you the world and it’s very difficult to continue on when the support’s not there. You’ve got to keep your inner belief and your close people around you that tell you truth.

”I decided the best way forward was to not be a puppet on a string and take my destiny into my own hands.

”People think it’s a glamorous industry, but it takes a lot of work. We win fans over one at a time. That’s how we do it.”

For the recording of New World Order Part 1 Heath called on the services of accomplished American producer Brandon Mashburn [Matchbox 20, Jason Mraz, Hootie and the Blowfish].

”Brandon was through a Christian band that I used to love called DC Talk … he did some stuff with them and he did Three Days Grace, real polished rock, which I just love,” said Heath.

”I got his contact through management and I reached out to him and he got back and we hit it off and got straight into it. Within two weeks we already had 10 songs – I’ve already got two albums worth of songs there from this recording. That’s how much fun I had doing it.”

Despite Velvet City being a band, the majority of the EPs instrumentation was completed by Heath.

”We did it via correspondence,” Heath said. ”I’ve got my own studio here in Melbourne, so I’d track vocals and have ideas and send them demos and then once we’d worked it out we would track the drums over there [in America] and lay some guitars and send it back and forth like that.

”I didn’t have anyone in the room with me telling me how to put down my vocals. It all came down to me putting in the hours and the time and making sure its right.”

Heath said there were plans to take Velvet City to America.

”We have management over in America and at the moment they’re looking around for opportunities for us to do some shows,” he said. ”We’ve been offered to do some 1500 to 2000 seat venues with some good supports … some really solid acts over there. My ultimate goal would be at least to conquer Australia first.”

Heath said that a tour taking in NSW could be expected in the near future and stressed it was via the live show where Velvet City would win many a new fan.

”It’s full blown energy and a monstrous show,” he said. ”I come from the era of live is where it’s at and we are anal when it comes to putting on a show. We don’t just stand there and play our instruments, we put on a show. The way it used to be.”

Despite in full promotion mode for the current EP, Heath can’t help but elude to its sequel, which he says is heavier and in some ways a more accomplished effort.

”It’s sitting there and ready to go,” he said. ”It’s already been recorded. There are some monsters on this next part. Part one is a straight up collection of commercial rock songs but the next one has many different dimensions to it.”

Check out Velvet City at www.velvetcity南京夜网.

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