Press release: Marko Malkoc

In response to an article on the Penrith Star Website on the 21st August 2012 from 3 candidates who are posing as Independents.
Nanjing Night Net

Why are you mentioning Federal Matters in a Local Government Election?

Yes the Carbon Tax is a bad tax that is costing families money.

But why are you bringing this matter up?

Ross Fowler should know as a long serving Councillor that as a council we are unable to Vote on this matter that will bring any change to the tax. Council cannot remove the tax. This is a federal matter for the coming federal election, the Level of Government responsible for this tax. It is somewhat deceiving the voters by campaigning on this matter at council elections implying council may somehow be able to influence the outcome of this tax.

To these So Called Independent Candidates, stop worrying and campaigning about something that you are not able to control and stick to the local issues that as a Councillor we are able to control.

To the voters of East Ward, i have always been concerned regarding local issues that i am able to control, and in my re-election for Council, i have been concentrating on these issues that You the residents have raised to myself and that i have seen.

I am available to be contacted via email or phone to assist you with any Local concerns that you may have.

Marko Malkoc

Penrith City Councillor

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